Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Review 3 - Chinese Checkers

Chinese checkers, great game, being playing it for all my life, it's always a cool game, super fun and interactive.

Review - Chinese Checkers

Designer: Unknow
Year Published: 1893
NÂș Players: 2-6

Purchasing - So, about 3 years ago i acquired a cardboard version of Chinese Checkers, but I played all my life, mostly as a computer game, but i saw it in a store, and I thought, this is a game I should have, so I bought it. It can be purchased almost everywhere, from very cheap to very expensive versions (wood versions very detailed).

Components - Depending on the kind of version you get it, components can be really weak to super cool and artistic. Better ones are definitely the wooden versions.

Game play - It's a easy game to learn, not very easy to master, everybody can play it, it's fast, super interactive, every move changes the game.


Resumed Rules :
The rules of this game are quite simple, you have 10 pawns on your side, and the objective is to take all 10 pawns to the 10 spots ahead of you.
You can only move 1 pawn in your turn, and there are two types of movement, simple (move to an adjacent spot), or jumping (you can jump above one pawn and move to a free spot ahead of him, and if there is still more available movements you can do as many as you like until it's possible).
The game ends when all players reach the other side, winner is the first one to do it.

Evaluation - I give a 6 out of 10. It's an enjoyable game, not a super game, but a great filler.

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